6 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

Attorney at desk with papers and gavel

How To Choose the Best Attorney for You

If you are looking for an attorney to represent you, you want to make sure you choose the best one for your situation. Here are 6 important questions to ask before hiring an attorney that will help you find out if they are the best choice for you and your case.

1. Have you handled this type of case?

This is probably the most important question – you do not want to hire an attorney to work on your case who has not handled your type of matter before. 

2. Who will work on my case at the law firm?

I will work on your case personally. I take on a limited number of cases so that I can give each of my clients my full attention. We are handling an important and sometimes life-changing matter.  

The #1 reason that people terminate their lawyers is this: the lawyer that they hire does not actually work on their cases.

People are frustrated when they hire someone – in any industry – to perform a service, only to later learn that the professional they hired did not actually do the work.  When you hire me to work on your case, I will work on your case personally and will be your primary point of contact throughout the case.

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3. Do you practice in the courthouse where my case will be?

My primary area of practice is the Louisville metropolitan area. I am licensed to practice throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky and have practiced law from Pikeville to Paducah and many places in between.

4. Do you have experience in this area of the law?

You are hiring an attorney for an important and serious matter. You do not want to place this in the hands of someone who is not experienced. Call me about your case.

I will candidly tell you my experience with similar matters and will provide you with an expectation of the outcome of your case. If your case is outside of my areas of expertise, I will assist you in locating an attorney who can help you.

5. What is your strategy with my case?

When my clients are interested in resolving their case before a trial, we explore all the options. Our firm regularly resolves cases without filing a lawsuit. The first approach is to explore whether we can get your case settled before litigation.

6. Have you gone to trial before?

I have litigated cases through jury verdicts. You should ask your attorney whether they have tried a case like yours.  Having an attorney who has tried cases will be an asset and a strength for your case.

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